How to Creating High Quality Videos for Reels?

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Creating Reels Video High Quality

Great quality, great results. We don't aim for perfection, but we want our social videos to be really great. Better video quality sometimes requires something simple... It's time to get the Reel. As social media continues to move toward authenticity, brands can have all the tools they need to create high-quality videos right on their phones. Sure, there's still a time and place for trendy professional video shoots, but when it comes to videos, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, a handy fashionable device is the way to go. We don't seek perfection, we want it to be great. Here are 9 tips to improve video quality. Start with a plan.


Before we get into the technical details, let's talk about preparatory work. Part of making high-quality videos is having a plan and goals. There are no posts for posts. Before you start creating content, ask yourself the following questions. What is the subject of my video and how does it fit into my content strategy? Why is this topic so important to your audience? What's the best way to make this video? Dialogue, voice acting, music? What is the purpose of this video? How will you measure the success of this video? Which KPIs are important? : Answering this question will help you tailor your content to be better overall. Conforms to recommended specifications for Rollers, tick tock and shorts must be vertical. Optimize your video for each platform by following our recommendations: Aspect Ratio - 9:16 Resolution - 1080 x 1920 pixels File Type - MP4 or MOV Video length depends on video type and platform. At Sked, we strongly support getting to the point. If you can get to the point in 30 seconds or less, do it. There's no reason to delay. Use good lighting


Our unit currently works well in low light conditions, but the quality is not what I would call great. Videos are often grainy and blurry in low light. Good lighting, whether natural or artificial, is essential for the best video quality. A few things to keep in mind when choosing a light: Hold the light source in front of your face. Unless you intentionally choose a stylish lighting option, the main light should be in front of your face. When using natural light, shoot in the morning or evening to avoid direct sunlight. Use ring lamps (preferably different colors and brightness) especially indoors or in dark environments.


Back Camera Selection In general, the rear camera is better than the front camera. I'll admit, though, that the front-facing camera will probably be fine in good lighting. I just got a new iPhone 14 Pro Max and the front camera is honestly *chef's kiss* Cleaning the lens Doesn't sound like a big deal, but clean the lens before recording. Oil and dirt on your hands can blur and defocus your video. A quick cleanup won't fix anything. Choose a good background. Keep the background clean so as not to distract the audience. This doesn't mean that all your videos have to be in front of a blank wall, but if you're recording in your bedroom, you'll have to pick up clothes from the floor. A clean background makes it easier to read, especially if the video contains text or captions. Spice Up with Editing Spice up your videos with effects, transitions, text and more. Take advantage of the built-in features or use third-party editing tools like InShot or Videoleap. Here are some quick guides to get inspired. How to Add Your Signature Color to Your Videos How to Clone Yourself with Videoleap 4 Collaborative Transitions You Can Perform Even When You're Not Physically Together How to Add Images from Your Camera Roll as a Sticker on Instagram Reel How to Use Instagram's Built-in Transitions Get the Microphone Invest in a cheap microphone. No one wants to hear what you say while the lawn mower works in the background. Having a microphone instantly improves sound quality. I like this simple one from Amazon that just plugs into the device when recording. Use The App’s High-Quality Uploads Feature When it’s time to actually post your video, make sure you have strong internet connection and select high-quality upload on the app. High-quality uploads take a bit longer to post, but make sure this is always on. On Instagram…. Create your Reel Click Next to add in your caption, hashtags, tags, etc Click Advanced settings Under Data Usage, make sure Upload at highest quality is toggled on On TikTok…. Create your TikTok Click Next to add in your caption, hashtags, tags, etc Scroll down and make sure Allow high-quality uploads is toggled on On YouTube… There isn’t a high-quality upload option for Shorts so just make sure your videos meet the recommended specs from above


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