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What is kvCORE?

Built to power your whole firm with cutting-edge technology that your agents will appreciate, kvCORE is the top-rated real estate platform.

Lead generation, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, and transaction administration are just a few of the elements of real estate operations that it offers a variety of tools and features to optimise.

Among KvCORE's principal attributes are:

Lead Generation: Landing pages, websites, social media, and other online channels are just a few of the avenues via which KvCORE may produce and catch leads.

CRM: To assist real estate agents in managing and organising their client contacts, correspondence, and follow-ups, the platform provides a CRM system.

Marketing Automation: To help agents with lead nurturing, targeted communication, and property listing promotion, KvCORE offers automated marketing solutions.

IDX Integration: Real estate agents may now show property listings on their websites and provide prospective purchasers a smooth online experience by integrating with IDX (Internet Data Exchange).

Solutions for Websites: KvCORE assists real estate agents in developing and maintaining their internet presence by providing website solutions.

Real estate transaction administration, document management, and compliance monitoring are all made easier with the platform's functionalities.

Recall that KvCORE's and other real estate platforms' features and functionalities might change or grow over time.

Why is kvCORE used?

Invigorate Your Whole Agency

A scalable platform with technology that your teams and agents will really utilise for the whole company. kvCORE provides all the necessary tools for teams, agents, and brokerage personnel to work together on a single, all-inclusive platform that offers great value to all users.

Recruit Elite Teams & Agents

Supercharge recruitment and retention efforts with the most sought-after platform in the market for top-performing agents and teams. A brokerage's features that encourage business growth among agents and teams include database privacy, autonomous lead creation, strong customisation, and more.

Boost Efficiency with Robust Automation

Across all agent segments, including seasoned and novice agents, intelligent and automated solutions result in improved productivity and more transaction flow. Allow kvCORE to take care of your agents' business development on autopilot and stop assigning them extra work.

Drive profitability and consolidate costs

Get rid of several fragmented point solutions to boost brokerage profitability. Brokerages get a fully integrated end-to-end platform with kvCORE and save an average of 35% on total IT expense.

Build Your Own Distinct Ecosystem

Your own culture, content, and brand may be completely showcased with an integrated, fully customisable real estate platform and Marketplace. By enhancing your brand's value and distinction, kvCORE's tech ecosystem puts you in charge.



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